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D&D Circle: Our transformation

In this blog post, former members of the DAF Diversity & Decolonising circle share some of the important insights and learnings that have occurred for them as a result of their involvement in these activities. Read More

Deep Adaptation as Psychological First Aid

I’m always reflecting on the value of what we do in the DA forum. Sometimes it seems too theoretical and not “real” enough. But during an emergency visit to assist my dad after a brain injury, I was reassured that our principles and practices are practical and relevant to all kinds and scales of crisis. Read More

The Lenca in El Salvador Encourage Us to Share our Own Valued Stories

Insights from Chief Leonel Chevez, of the Lenca tribe of El Salvador, on how stories should be passed down like seeds from one generation to the next, for humans to journey through collapse. Read More

Reflections on a Wider Embrace

I have noticed this shift in my consciousness / awareness particularly since early August but upon reflection I realise that it has been growing through the whole summer, and maybe longer. I first joined a Wider Embraces session around a year ago and from that very first experience it really worked for me as a Read More

What is temporal? What is eternal?

About a simple exercise that may help us to remind ourselves of what really matters. Read More

Sitting on the Edge of the Cliff

An invitation to discuss what lies for you on the other side of the cliff – and what keeps you going, in spite of it all. Read More

On pronouns and self-protection

How can the pronouns we use when we talk make us distance ourselves from the reality of our predicament? Read More

Work, self-exploitation, and time

Lately someone shared an article in the DAF Slack workspace by the philosopher Byung-Chul Han, “The Tiredness Virus“. It made me think of some conversations I had with several other Deep Adaptation volunteers on the topic of how we (globalised modern humans) are “in” time and “with” time… This part felt quite striking: “Work, no Read More