Conscious Learning Festival 2022

October – December 2022

The Conscious Learning Festival is back! Just like the first edition (see event recordings here), this festival is an invitation: let’s pay closer attention to what changes may be arising, and what learning may be occurring for us, as a result of participating in Deep Adaptation events, groups and spaces. And let’s just meet and share how we are changing, together.

The current phase of Wendy and Dorian’s action research project on radical collective change and social learning is drawing to an end. So this year, several webinars will be an occasion to discuss some results, and for comments and alternative views to be expressed!

If you would like to host your own event on learning and collective change, please get in touch with Wendy or Dorian.

Three main types of activities are being organised:


BlogThe ‘Deep Adaptation Conscious Learning‘ blog is a place in which any insights or interesting experiences can be shared, anonymously or not, and discussed. Several ‘learning journeys‘ and ‘insights‘ are already being shared here.

Invitation #1: At the end of a Deep Adaptation call or event, before moving on to other things, please take a few minutes to pause, and reflect. What happened for you during this call? What did you discover, or re-discover? Did this call help you ‘connect the dots’ with something else you were aware of already? Do you feel some new insight or awareness emerging in you as a result? If so, please share it with us on the blog, even if it’s just a small detail.

You can contact us to share your insight with Wendy and Dorian, who will help you publish it.


ResourcesOn the occasion of this festival, we would like to invite you to share with us some information about key personal teachers, texts, videos, tools or other resources which were part of your learning journey – and which could then be compiled into a suggested “Deep Adaptation 101” course, offering guided access to the most popular resources identified in this way to the wider membership of Deep Adaptation.

Invitation #2: In the coming weeks, Wendy and Dorian will be in touch with each person who was previously interviewed for this research project, to ask for a few recommendations on books, courses, websites, and other resources. These resources will be shared in the Resources section on this blog.

You can also use the Resource Recommendations Form to share your resources with us directly, at any time.


webinarsFinally, a series of special webinars, open to the whole DAF community, are currently being organised as part of this festival. Their focus is broad, and touches on the topics of learning, change, and Deep Adaptation. Where relevant, they will highlight the presenters’ “learning journey” into the Deep Adaptation Forum and beyond. Certain conversations will also take place as pre-recorded videos, which we will share on this blog.

Invitation #3:Please join us in these webinars! Follow-up calls will allow participants to reflect on what we might be learning (or unlearning) thanks to them. Call details will be posted on the DAF Events Calendar.

Q&As hosted by Wendy and Dorian:

Register here to join these calls

And… Your own webinar!

Invitation #4: Would you like to share your skills and knowledge with others, or convene a discussion on a topic of interest to you? Go ahead and host your own webinar! Wendy and Dorian are there for some advice on how to make it happen. We will also help you promote your event along with the other ones that are being featured in this festival. Contact us to discuss what we can do together.