Category: research report

Views on Unlearning and Radical Change in the Deep Adaptation Forum

This report presents the results of the Group Reflections survey and the Radical Change survey, which were shared in DAF to explore participants’ views on unlearning and radical collective change. Read More

DAF 2020 User Survey Report

This report presents the detailed results of the DAF 2020 User Survey, which was shared in the network between Jan. and Feb. 2020. Questions focused on issues of social learning, collaboration, and ease of use of two main DAF platforms. Read More

DAF Collapse Awareness and Community Survey Report

This report presents the results from the 2021 Collapse Awareness & Community Survey, which was circulated in the Deep Adaptation Forum. It provides interesting insights into how people in DAF envision societal collapse, what this brings up in them, and what they make of their awareness and affective responses. Read More