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Conscious Learning Festival – Getting access to another level of thinking and intuition consistently

In this call, presented by DA Facilitator Chiara Borrello, participants were invited to experience “felt-sensing,” an intuitive way of interacting with their innate body-felt knowing that leads to mutual respect, authenticity and compassion. Read More

Unlearning and Radical Collective Change

In this call, Wendy and Dorian presented some findings from a newly released research report, “Views on Unlearning and Radical Collective Change in DAF.” What kind of changes are being precipitated in various groups within DAF? Do we, in the network, pursue radical forms of change? And what does all of this have to do with the idea of unlearning? Read More

A Story of Seeds, Soil, and Sowers

During this call, Wendy and Dorian introduced certain findings from their research in DAF, and touched on: the seeds of change (what has been going on, for whom?); the soil (what is it that allows these seeds to grow?); and the sowers (who has been caring for these seeds, and disseminating them?). Read More